Friday, 21 September 2012

vintage '20s dresses?

Oh, yes. The photoshoot that I'm doing on Monday will be inspired by the 1920's, flappers and everything. The local community theatre has an amazing costume department that I've borrowed from before (and will again!). This time, it's some dresses that are actually from the twenties. They're old donations, so I have to be very careful with them. As well, they're petite, so it was a tad hard to find models that would fit these eighty year old dresses. Not only is the photoshoot going to be amazing, but having a little bit of history hanging in my bedroom is kinda amazing!


  1. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO JELLY. Absolutely gorgeous. I recently bought a black top from the sixties. It's hard to believe someone wore this 50 years ago before I buy it. I wish I could find more 20s pieces... They were so beautiful! I really want to find a cocktail dress from the 20s. I don't care if it doesn't suit my body type, I just want one!!! Have fun with these beauties!

    1. And they look even better when someone's wearing them! oh, I think 20's clothes would look amazing on you! They're kinda flat though, some of the ones I was looking had didn't flare out until past the waist. Vintage clothes is the way to go always!! I'll be posting the shots soon, I just have a paper to write first xD