Wednesday, 19 September 2012

everyday life.

Also known as reasons to pull out my camera and take shots! In other news, I'm going to stop by the art classroom during my spare tomorrow morning and help out, which should be fun. Tomorrow evening I'm going to pick out costumes with my models, pizza night on Sunday and my photoshoot is on Monday! Life is good. How about you?


  1. I wish I could be one of your models. A classmate once needed someone to help out for her mom's catwalk but declined my offer becaue I wa too small and not skinny enough. Thanks?! I really like posing and stuff, so it made me really sad.
    Beautiful pictures again, and I'm glad to see the little Autumn things are filling you with joy!

    1. You'd be the best model ever, just saying. It's crazy how tiny the clothes were in the 20's though (nobody had hips, apparently), but they're so pretty! Come on down to Canada and model, hopefully I'll be doing another shoot soon... :o
      A thousands thanks! but better watch out: Halloween is just around the corner, so more costumes then!