Monday, 8 October 2012


I lovelovelove Thanksgiving! I love the family and the turkey and the goofy stories and the pumpkin pie. It's amazing! This year, we were all at my grandparent's house for the day. We played games, carved pumpkins and made flower arrangements, ate a huge dinner, talked and laughed and then ate pie. It was a busy, fun-filled day. I'm very thankful for my family (and pie!).


  1. It all looks so pretty! I wish we had some kind of Thanksgiving in Europe. Well, I suppose you don't need Thanksgiving to spend the day with your family but that's not what we do. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't even celebrate Thanksgiving if we had one! I'm glad you had a great day, and since I can't because I don't have such moments, cherish the time with your family♥

    1. As much as I love my family we really don't get together often, which is why I think Thanksgiving is a big thing for us. Also, fall and pie! Thanksgiving is always a bigger thing than Christmas family-wise, which is awesome and odd. ♥ I will!