Friday, 19 October 2012

fall afternoons and watercolours.

The weather is just warm enough that I can have my windows open, but cool enough for lots and lots of tea!  I've had quite a few projects on the go - mostly in English class - but some afternoons I save for myself. I spent my afternoon listening to Regina Spektor and doodling with watercolours. Life is good!


  1. The weather's been the same here, cool enough for me to wear my new coat, but warm enough to leave the scarf home! Regina always gets me in such a great mood. It's fantastic how such things as music can change you instantly or long-term. This lovely doodling here, I like! Another!

    1. The next few days are going to be in the mid-twenties or so, and it's going to be amazing! Fall is the best. I tend to listen to mostly cheery music, so it's always an upper! It's also great for when you're working.
      Eep, thanks! Hopefully I'll make a post soon about the doodles I've been doing. :D