Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Recently in my life!

Lemme just say, life is pretty good. I'm all set for high school (which starts next week...) and my classes are in order. I've got a whole bunch of fun classes, but I know that I'm going to have to work extra hard in all of them. I need to slow down in what I do, and maybe stop worrying about university and just enjoy my final year.
Also, I saw my best friend for the first time in a month and we watched TV and drank slushies and had a blast! I really missed just hanging out an goofing off with someone. Later this week, we're going to the beach and I'm hopefully going to get new glasses! Also, some photos:

 Some people I know went to FanExpo and brought me back some Doctor Who loot!

 Book thriftin'. Lots of old Shakespeares that I want to read/have read and some old sci-fi books!

Buttons from Stratford! Decorating my purse (along with some Alex Day buttons from a certain someone...)


  1. Oh my, it's so awesome you have a Doctor Who Canadian Society out there! The biggest thing we have in France is a huge community of stupid people who want to belittle everyone. SO annoying. Never joined them and never will.

    I totally hope I'll be getting new books for my classes. Picturing myself looking awesome and buying Sociology books... Aww yeah! You'll have plenty of time to worry about uni, just chillax for now. I think I enjoyed my last year of high school as much as possible, and it's still quite close, but it's such an important year. You'll remember it all your life, because after that! Urgh! Uni is (going to be) awesome but you ain't a kid no more, and that sucks! That's my wise words of the day.

    I lov the "To be or not to be" button! Ooh, I wonder who you got these Alex Day buttons from, must be some awesome person. ;D

    1. Isn't it, though? I had no idea that it existed, but now I've got to go to some meetups and make Whovian friends! (and maybe meet a cute boy I mean what?)

      Aw, I can see you in your fancy glasses buying books and flirting with older boys... ;D I'm going to make the best of it, that's for sure! I'm thinking about staying one more semester after graduating just to take anything else I need and to have time to make more money! It's a win-win, I think. Wise words are good!

      Isn't it cute? Hmm, I don't remember, but they must be amazing! :o