Saturday, 28 July 2012

Comic book crafts!

I made three hairbands, a hair clip and a photoframe using recycled comics - mostly Spiderman. But look, there's good old Captain American in there too! It was a fun project and I hope to keep doing them and maybe eventually make a small business. What have you done recently? I'd love to know!


  1. Dang! I need just one of those awesome Capsicle ribbons I found once on Etsy. These are so cute! I love the frame!
    I'm currently trying to make a mixtape + poetry diy book for a friend who's moving in southern france next week :(

    1. Etsy has the cutest comic book stuff & other crafts, I love it :o
      Thanks so much! I love making them :3

      Ooh, that sounds cool (but I'm sorry that your friend is moving away). Take pictures of it? :3

  2. Etsy is one hell of a website, I love it so much!
    It's always so wonderful to create something and actually loving the result! I made a cute little notebook yesterday, I was SO impressed with it!

    Of course I will! I might share the mixtape on my blog...

    1. It's a good thing I don't have a paypal account or something, I would go CRAZY buying everything! xD
      I love to create things, sometimes I'll procrastinate on doing something and when I do it, I wonder why I didn't earlier. It's such a good feeling too! I'd love to see pics of your notebook :o (and hear the mixtape..)