Tuesday, 26 June 2012

thrifting records!

I'm sure that many of you oldies fans - like me - enjoy collecting records. Whether it's to listen to or to put on display, collecting records is a really fun and rewarding hobby.
So-- how do you do it? Do you just wander thrift stores and garage sales in search, or do you go to special record stores? Record stores are always more expensive, and usually only have more modern music available. But, at the same time, there isn't a spectacularly high chance of finding rare records at antique shops. Like most thrifting, records are a game of chance.

How, then? I'd recommend making a list of artists you would enjoy finding records of to listen to. Knowing what you are looking for can be key. If you're looking for records to display, then you don't have to be picky. Some old record covers have awesome art and would look great decorating a den. Take your time looking through the records; there's always a bit of history mixed in, which is what I really like about them.
As well, if you've never heard of an artist and the record is cheap, why not try it out? I've discovered some awesome oldies that I would never have known about because of a whimsical purchase. Doing research is also a good idea, though, and finding old records online is good, but you need to be careful.

 Some of my favourites on display!

 Just a few from my collection.

 My record player is a USB, hooking up to my computer (which is great!)

 Awesome, right?

So there you have it - Mari's guide to thrifiting records! Do you have any cool thrifting stories/records you've found? Share them with me!


  1. I seriously wish I had a record player! I keep asking for one for Christmas and birthday but no luck. I have a few records, but they're all new - I've got all Arctic Monkeys singles from their Suck It And See era and 'Cornerstone' (which was my first vinyl) and a Two Door Cinema Club record store day limited record. My parents also have some Rolling Stones and Beatles. I only find old french records in thrift stores here, but I don't listen to french music so yeah...

    1. I hope yo'll be able get one - they're great, but you have to be careful because if you break the needle, they're really expensive to replace (trust me, I know!) I'd love to invest in new records, but the only store in my area closed down due to lack of interest. My main record collection is just Beatles, which is still great but I need more variety! Is French music bad, or just not your style?

    2. That's what happened with our record player... The needle died on my dad :( It's such a shame! I've got to go to Lille to buy records, but it's okay since I'm there all the time. I love buying new records as well, because it feels like something normal and contemporary just the way it felt for my dad when he went to get his new Beatles record, and in 50 years our kiddos will be like "LOOK! LOOK WHAT MY MOM GOT WHEN SHE WAS MY AGE!!!" and it'll be AWESOME!
      French music is both bad and not my style. Some songs are amazing (check "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by Plastic Bertrand!) but some are like... Ridiculous.