Tuesday, 26 June 2012

batman comic!

I recently received a Batman: Year One comic book from 1988  in excellent condition.
I love comic books not only because, y'know, superheros, but also because the art is usually very, very good. The artist/writer of this book has also done other comics, such as 300 (except the movie sucked). I've found comic books to be similar to watching a movie with subtitles, which works well because I am a visual learner. This story is just that: the origin story of Batman. Well, one of many variations, of course. It was an excellent read, I'm going to be keeping my eye out for more from the same author!
Take a look at the cover (and my face what):


    I've been looking for Captain America original comic books like, THE FIRST ONES, but they're always around $200 which I onviously won't spend for an issue... I need to check my local comic shop as soon as possible. I started with Kick-Ass, I might as well go on and pick up more comic books!

    1. Oh, shush, you flatter me ♥
      I hate that about comic books, and people never know how to price them so they'll put an eighties issue up for a hundred. Or they'll price based on Ebay. NOPE.
      I haven't read Kick-Ass, but I've been getting more and more into Wonder Woman recently xD Comic books ftw!