Thursday, 28 June 2012

summer things #2: campfires!

I adore campfires. I love sitting out at night with a bunch of family or friends, roasting marshmallows and just chatting. The night is always cool, but the fire is warm and everyone is always such in a good mood. I love summer because we end up having so many campfires! It's like the world is quiet but lit by the flames and it's just lovely. Some of my favourite memories have been made by campfires.

Do you have any campfire memories?


  1. I only have one campfire memory. That was when I was in Virginia with my host family, we went in the back garden and ate marshmallows and told horror stories all night long. Good, good memories. I wish I could go back just for the campfires, I don't want it to be a worldwide thing, it's better to have to fly all the way to America to have some! :D

  2. That sounds amazing, campfires are the perfect setting for scary stories!
    So it isn't a worldwide thing? I guess I assumed it was xD But come on down for campfires and sleeping in tents and all that fun summer stuff! :D