Saturday, 26 May 2012

second hand comics - a guide

So, you're browsing a garage sale or a thrift store or maybe going through a box in your parent's basement - and you discover a bunch of old, most likey 1980's comic books. Score! Comics have had a large appeal to all age groups over the years, whether Superman or the X-men or even the Saturday cartoons in your daily newspaper. Not only have they changed an art form, but have been key in storytelling since their creation.
Now, what are you going to do with these comic books?

A kind of obvious answer, yes. However, these old comic books are full of cool art and great stories. Even if they're just 24 page issues, it's a nice use of twenty minutes and can encourage reading in children, young and old.

If you like vintage comic books, why not have a collection? They're easy to find - garage sales, thrift shops, comic book stores, friends - and usually quite cheap! I recently purchased three vintage Spiderman/Spiderwoman comics at a garage sale for under a dollar and it was a sweet deal.

If you're collecting, it's cool to have a little shelf or display dedicated to your epic comic collection. Show them off, make your freinds jealous. Booyeah!

Comic books are well-loved and work well in all forms of crafts. Wrapping paper, jewelery, cards, picture frames - you name it! They make great gifts and look awesome.

And that's it! Old comic books are great, cheap, and can be used in many different ways. Try it out!


  1. I totally need to go back to my local comic shop to find some Cap comics. I need moar Cap when my interwebs is down. Which is, quite often lately as you may have noticed. But hey! I wish I could find some first press original good ol' Captain America comic books! It's a bit of a life goal, so there you have it. Lovely, LOVELY post by the way, totally love the idea, you should make more of these! You're good at how-to's honey ♥

    1. Yes - local comic shops are the best (and so are Cap comics, of course!) Have you tried looking online? Some sites can give really good deals on old comic books - but some make it up in shipping, so you have to be kinda careful.
      Thank you so so much! I like doing how-tos, it's just difficult to think of a topic at first. After that, it's great ♥ looking forward to more of your posts, by the way :)