Wednesday, 7 November 2012

schoolwork and smiles.

Yes, I've got a ridiculous amount of schoolwork to do, but I don't actually mind. I love having things to do! In fact, when I procrastinate on doing something, I usually end up doing something creative instead. While it's still a bad habit, I get stuff done, and I kinda love it. Right now it's a two thousand word essay, and later I'm working on a twenty minute documentary-presentation. Let's get work done!


  1. I wish I had that much motivation! I was sooo proud yesterday because I got off the internet to get my essay about religion done. Very hard, but I hope I'll get a good grade. I honestly like getting my laundry done better; I like all those little things in life. I love running to the city because my friends need me and getting some food on the way because comfort food is always a winner, right?! But you know, whatever works. As long as you're happy, what you do doesn't matter!

    1. I'd like to think that I would do well in uni and get my stuff finished and handed in... but I'm scared I'll end up drawing and watching television instead. D:
      Yay comfort food! Little things are better (but doing laundry is boring in my opinion) Happy is best :D