Friday, 26 October 2012

birthday girl!

Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday, and it was absolutely phenomenal. Everything added up to make the most perfect day ever - the weather was mid twenties and sunny, and I had the day off school! In the evening, I went out to the best Chinese restaurant near the waterfront with my family and best friend, then took a walk on the pier at sunset. We took a tour of the new art gallery and stopped off at the comic books shop before heading home for coffee + cake (and presents!). It was a gorgeous, happy day and lemme tell you - being seventeen is pretty sweet!

This little guy is amazing! I'm already reading Frankenstein, and I love it. 

 One of my favourite books + the best perfume. (in honour of Annabelle?)

 Red velvet Doctor Who cake courtesy of my mom. It was yummy!

 A (blurry) view of the US - it's actually much, much closer than it looks.

Flowers from my grandparents!


    You've got the Eau de Toilette Petite Flower On The Go! I've got the Eau so Fresh in travel size! It's the best best best best thing. We've got matching perfumes! It's like, when you spray it on you, you smell like me and vice versa! DAMN, GURL. Although I might get Shalimar by Guerlain, I still want to have a bottle of Daisy as an all-time favourite. I just love Marc Jacobs that much.
    You had the prettiest cake! So lovely! I see you've been spoilt here, young lady. I feel like the older you get, the more you like the tiny presents like going to your favourite restaurant and things like that. I only have three things on my Christmas list, and sweet lawd knows how long these lists used to be!
    Again, happy birthday love! ♥

      I've also got a little roll-on bottle in my purse, it's perfect. I like the new one, Dot, as well, but I think Daisy is my fave! Perfume twins maybe?
      Definitely spoiled, but in the best way! The tiny things are my favorite, like giggling at boys in the comic book shop and throwing pebbles at the US. xD I didn't even have a birthday list, I've never been good at asking for presents. The best part was of course the Chinese food... :D
      thanks! ♥♥