Saturday, 29 September 2012

old house touring!

My town has a lot of history. More than I give it credit for, actually. As a huge history buff, I jumped on the bandwagon and did a tour of some of the local buildings in my area. We visited only a few today, but we will do more tomorrow! These were houses that were built in the late nineteenth century - the oldest we visited was built in 1868. The home owners had taken extra care to try and restore these buildings, slowly but surely, to their original glory. It was like a time machine, almost. Unfortunately for me, many of these places we visited were still homes and didn't allow any photography. The outsides of the buildings that I photographed were still beautiful, though! Tomorrow we go back to an old 1890's farmhouse and church where there are apparently reenactments, and this Friday I'm going to a WWI reenactment. Sounds amazing, right? I just really wish I could show you what they looked like inside...

I'll post my 1920's photoshoot soon, I promise!


  1. My, oh my! First thought: I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!!
    Second thought: it looks like the house in The Walking Dead...

    1. As pretty as they are, I doubt they'd be good for zombie fortresses.. :o