Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Another (half) week at the grandparent's..

And it was pretty good! My sister and I slept in a tent all week and woke up early, and had lazy days playing with our cousins and reading. On Saturday we went shopping and saw Brave, and I cried like a baby. Tomorrow we're driving farther up north to visit even more family up at the cottage on Lake Muskoka. I'll finally see my family and my puppy again, so I'm very excited! Normally I don't get very homesick, but I am. I really, really am.


  1. Is it just your puppy making you feel homesick? I really really wanna see Brave. I've never slept in a tent, because I'm a little princess. *angry at myself*

    1. No, I miss my bed and a proper sleeping schedule and my tea and my puppy and my family! You should watch Brave, the animation is phenomanal. Aw, really? I like camping, but not when it's rainy like it was this week. xD You should try it!