Monday, 2 July 2012

oh, canada!

Yesterday was my lovely country's 145th birthday! I know it's not very old in comparison to a lot of countries, but it's still a huge accomplishment for us. One of my favourite things about Canada Day is getting together with a large group of family and friends to celebrate. We talk, eat great food, have waterfights, campfires, and - my favourite - fireworks! This year I documented some fun parts with my camera to share here.



Did I mention that the fireworks are my favourite? They are. Happy 145th birthday, Canada!


  1. Fireworks scare the shit out of me... But they're beautiful! Happy birthday baby Canada!

    1. I love the colours and lights and stuff, but the noise is pretty freaky D:
      Look at our lil' petite Canada, she's growing up, we're so proud!