Wednesday, 4 July 2012

currently in my life, July 4th 2012

Loving: Life? Summer vacation, music and books and awesome artsy blogs.
Listening to: All the Rowboats by Regina Spektor. All time favourite, just saying. Is her new album out yet?
Reading: Mark Zusak's The Book Thief. I'm not very far, but I adore the writing style and story.
Watching:  Nothing currently (I know, crazy right?) but I'm planning on starting Battlestar Gallactica or something soon.
Anticipating: Cooler weather (if only), summertime travels, getting a new puppy.
Planning: New blog features, some art and video projects that I want to work on this summer.
Working on:  Sketching out an awesome logo/tshirt design, and typography cards for my redbubble site.
To make Annabelle feel better, to have a family vacation sometime soon. To go to the beach, and do another photoshoot.

And what about you? Go ahead and use this template for your blog, or respond in the comments. I'd love to know what's going on in your life! :)

Also: my face. Woah.


  1. I just love these things sooooo...

    Loving: my new clothes, my stepbrother's jokes, blogging
    Listening to: Electric Guest's "This Head I Hold". Gonna see them in November along with The Vaccines!
    Reading: Scott Pilgrim ♥
    Watching: The Walking Dead, season one.
    Anticipating: holidays at my dad's
    Planning: another day spent with ginge, watching Iron Man 1 & 2 with my sister
    Working on: getting rid of some clothes I never wear... It's SO hard.
    Wishing: ginge was mine, obviously!

    You make me feel better sweetie, I'm sorry I didn't find time to answer your email but I will as soon as possible! ♥
    ps. Regina's new album came out in May!

    1. ♥♥♥♥
      What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead? (I still need to read & watch Scott Pilgrim :o)

      Woah, I actually missed the release of her new album? D: thank goodness I could find it on iTunes.

  2. You're beautiful, by the way. ♥

    1. Eep, shush, I'm blushing :3