Saturday, 2 June 2012

today in mari's life:

1, 4: The local farmer's market had it's grand opening today, and my sister and I dressed up as scarecrows for a promotion. (the photos are of my sister!) It was a great time, and everybody loved the costumes.
2, 6: Chocolate Millennium Falcon, anyone? Picked this up at the Sarnia Art Walk today for a steal. I also got a Darth Vader head, but I ate that already. Delicious!
3: Found an awesome thrift store in Sarnia with a selection of old cameras - very, very tempting. There were also some working typewriters and my best friend picked up a selection of buttons for her art.
5: My best Friend Kira at the Art Walk. (it's the only photo I had of the actual event, they closed off an entire road and filled it with vendors and musicians and artists. It was a blast!)

And that was my exciting day! This evening I am going out for dinner with my family and will be finishing up my history homework. Tomorrow, I will be costume hunting for a Steampunk photoshoot for my art final.
How was your day? Tell me about it!

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  1. aaaaargh sounds so exciting! wish I could have joined you! DD:
    (then my message on tumblr is invalid: you did take pictures.)