Sunday, 20 May 2012

So, I was inspired by a friend`s blog to do a clothing/accesories post but with more geeky stuff.
I tried to chose items that I own and use, but some of them are simply things I want. The first of a series? Who knows!

1. Reusable Polymer Gift Bag - Wonderwoman (x)

 I actually have this one, and I love it! It holds a lot of stuff and doesn`t wear down (one strap tore a little bit, but that was because it held more than the standard load of books!) As well, you feel like an actual Amazonian princess while carrying it. 

2. Superhero Earbuds (x)
 Good for music geeks and for superhero geeks - which is a great combo, just saying. Available in Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash.

3. TETRIS Nerd Shirt (x)
 I`m a huge fan of the DFTBA records and the Vlogbrothers, so I`m all for anything to support these amazing people. Plus- TETRIS! Who doesn`t love a good, old-school game of TETRIS?

4. Nerdfighter Buttons (x)
 It`s the same as before-  they`re clever, cute, nerdy, and support awesome people. Plus, they`d look really good on that Wonderwoman bag. Trust me, I know.

love, mari

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